metawear sensors not connecting with USB dongle to win 10 PC


I bought 3 sensors (CPRO / Tracker / Meta motion)  and your CSR 4.0 usb dongle. At this moment I do have problem connecting these sensors via your bluetooth dongle to my win 10 PC.

The dongle software is installed correct. the software is running and I am able to connect for example my android phone.

The problem is connecting the metawear sensors.
Going to ' add device'  I see the metawear sensors.
But after selecting a sensor to connect, it will wait for 20 seconds and finally not connect but giving the code ' incorrect code was entered' 

do you have any idea how to solve this.

hope to hear

gr mark


  • When the pairing fails, can you check the device manager to see what the device status says (right click the MetaWear device under "Bluetooth" and select "Properties")?
  • Hi Eric,
    Solved my problem by taking another PC with windows 10.
    On that PC it worked fine so I can go on. But I did not find out why it did not work on the other PC?
    Tried several Bluetooth dongles 4.0 low energy on that pc,  but non of them worked fine.

    gr mark
  • Good to hear that you got it sorted out.
  • hi eric,

    I have the bluetooth working and the sensor is connected to my windows 10 pc.

    I am now reading the API and my knowledge about C++ is to small

    and I read that the bluetooth is not handled in the API

    is there a simpele guide how to hook up a sensor to windows PC with your bluetooth dongle, which includes the bluetooth communication and the API. 

    if I have some format I can tweak and change things. but starting from scratch is to difficult for me.

    do you have a simple hook-up guide?

  • You can follow the tutorial on our website.

    We also have the MetaBase and MetaHub apps on the Windows Store.
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