beginner level sample codes

As a scientist trying to utilize kinematics sensor in a new way into research, I am a bit struggling with customizing existing sample codes into my purpose. (I have 3-4 yrs of programming experience in general but < 1year with android :(

Metawear-SampleAndroidApp is rather extensive sample but if not an expert in android I found it still challenging to customize the code. 
Another sample code is Metawear-AndroidStarter, which is rather too simple compared with the other one.

So I was wondering if there is any intermediate level samples between the two sample projects provided in the github. 
My immediate goal is to stream data from multi-sensors (2 Cpro's) to android and visualize gyro/acceleration data from the 2 boards in real time in a single panel. Trying to use line-chart but it's quite challenging.  

Could anyone provide any helpful samples related to visually monitoring multi-board data? 

Any help | advice will be greatly appreciated!



  • What progress have you made in your app thus far?  

    For multiple MetaWears, check out this demo project from our projects GitHub repos.
  • Hi Eric, thanks, I've taken classes provided in multimw for multi-connection and those are of good help.
    What I am struggling with is using hierarchy of gyroFragment/..SensorFragment/ModuleFragmentBase and inflate multiple copies of layout("fragment_sensor_config_spinner.xml") in multiple-fragment single panel to view multiple streaming chart in real time.  It is mainly my lack of experience but trying this for 2 weeks without success!  Keep getting null pointer error in getactvity() at onCreate of ModuleFragmentBase class. 

  • You can't inflate multiple layouts in a fragment, you will have to modify the original layout to accommodate the new UI.

    What you should focus on first is getting a reliable data stream from your board.  Once you have that working, then worry about adding the graph and UI elements.  I would actually work from the multimw code and update the UI with what you need.
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