Question on data route timeouts that occur when trying to configure a device post reset

The following code  is what I use to clear any previous logs and reset the device. I have a meta detector tracker and am using api version 2.8.6. 

When I try configuring new routes after resetting the tracker I get the following data route timeout exception frequently
 java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Adding a data route timed out after 8500ms.

If however I use the ios metawear app to reset the device and then use my android app to configure my routes, the device has no issues. If you could tell me what is wrong with my below routine to reset a device that would be great.
Prior to reset I have configured routes for logging and need to clear all existing routes / configurations. I do not get any errors when running the following reset code.

Logging logModule = mwBoard.lookupModule(Logging.class);
Debug debug = mwBoard.lookupModule(Debug.class);


  • Try using the debug module to disconnect the board rather than have the Android device terminate the connection.  What could be happening is that the btle connection is cut before the reset after gc command is sent.
  • Ah ok got it. Looks like its working now.
    I am assuming a successful reset would show a
    java.lang.RuntimeException: onConnectionStateChanged reported non-zero status: 19

    because in this case the board disconnected rather than the android device.

    Let me know if thats correct.

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