Absolute value filter with iOS SDK

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Is it possible to create a filter that outputs absolute value of the input signal using the iOS SDK?  It looks like this is possible using the Maths processor with the Android SDK, but I don't see anything equivalent with iOS.

I'm also wondering about the general state of the iOS SDK.  It seems there are other features that the Android SDK supports that aren't present for iOS.  For example, the ability to configure thresholds for the BMI160 Tap Detection.

Thank you!


  • There are definitely some differences between iOS and Android SDK's.  All features documented in the iOS SDK are well tested and overall stable, however, certain features like the two you mentioned (Math and Tap Config) are there, but not fully enabled/tested so they haven't been make publicly available.

    I'll definitely put these two requests in the next SDK release (goes out every couple of weeks), and please let us know if you run into any other issues.  

  • Thanks Stephen.

    I look forward to trying out those feature in the next release.
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