Wondering if something is possible

Is it possible to write code so that a MetaMotion R device will vibrate when the accelerometers meet certain criteria for a certain time (for example 4 < x < 5 and 5 < y < 6 and -9 < z < 3 for 10 seconds)? Right now I do this by routing accelerometer data through a cell phone and then the cell phone decides when the MetaMotion should vibrate but it would be much more efficient and user-friendly if we could turn the MetaMotion into a standalone device. I am curious to know if this was possible before going deep into the documentation on the data processor.


  • It's certainly doable with one axis using the comparator and counter processors.  You may run into problems from having to replicate the chain 2 more times then checking if all 3 axis have fulfilled the criteria.
  • That sounds promising. Thanks for the details.
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