optimize power consumption of Meta Motion R

hi, I have my meta motion R updated with the new software 1.3.3 and am working with my andoid app 3.5.1 and all works fine. 

my next step is to connect my meta motion R to a raspberry pi which acts as a gateway for the senors. but i want to make the senors as low possible energy consuming as possible so i am looking for the right settings in 3 different stages of use

- Stage 1: Sensor laying 100% still on floor / no movement at all: sensor in sleeping mode only sending information 1 time per 5 seconds (live-beat) . Only sending battery status information. No sensor movement data sent. very very low energy consumption

- Stage 2: Sensor is being lifted  / movement:  Sensor awakes. after awaking it will start sending 10 times a second sensor movement information (sensor fusion / quarternions / eulers). while it is moved and not put on the floor, it remains sending movement information.

- Stage 3: Sensor back on the floor: Sensor will get back into sleep mode after 5 seconds not being moved at all. (back to stage 1)
  • Could you please advise me how to create the above mentioned functionality?
  • is such differntiation of stages and advertising changes possible?
  • which parameters (advertise interval eg.) should be changed during the different stages?
  • does the senor have a wake-on-shake function so it will go in deep-sleep when not moved at all
  • what is the expected lifetime of a battery (100ma lipo) when the sensor is only in stage 1 (no movement at all?)
  • what is the expected lifetime of the battery if the sensor is only in stage 2?
every advise is welcome. hope to hear


  • You can mimic the idea used from this post:

    Basically, use the any motion and no motion detection to trigger different events on the board.  In your case, if any motion is detected, start sensor fusion and also switch to no motion detection.  If no motion is detected for 5 seconds, switch back to any-motion detection.

    In regards to your other questions:
    • Since you are sending data, you will have to maintain a ble connection or use the on-board logging so modifying advertising parameters is unnecessary.
    • The specific accelerometer on the MetaMotion boards does not have that sleep feature
    • As the accelertometer is continually active the entire time, you might get a max of 1.5 weeks of use, but most likely it will be 5-7 days.

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