Sending data directly to a database

I'm new to mbientlab products and have searched the docs and checked the source code with no luck so far.

Essentially, I want to be able to download the data received via the Metabase app on Android (or PC, whichever is easier)
and have the option of sending the data directly to Firebase once collected via the "Capture" option (instead of sending it to an email). 
If possible, I would like to have a constant stream of the data while in capture mode directly to Firebase.
I plan on processing and manipulating the data within Firebase to create a graph.

Where should I look in the GitHub source code to accomplish this? Is there a software that works with metabase to do this?
Is there an option I missed on the android app that actually sets an automatic send option upon completion of capture mode?

Hardware: Meta Wear RG - 6 Axis IMU

Any help would be great.
Thank you.


  • You can look at the MetaWear app and the 'example' module from the Android API for examples on retrieving sensor data.  You'll have to either build the app yourself or modify the MetaWear app to connect to FireBase.  Your app will be much simpler than MetaBase as MetaBase needs to support all available sensors and manage multiple boards.
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    That's kind of what I was thinking. Thank you! Would you happen to know which part of the code deals specifically with capturing the data and the email?
  • The SensorFragment class is the base class for all data streaming fragments.
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