Accelerometer and gyroscope output data rate

I created a WUP C# app to test out the metawear board (metawear C Pro). 
In order to get running, I followed the free fall tutorial as to get an idea of how everything worked.

I configured the accelerometer and gyroscope to ouput data at 50Hz and the barometer to 5Hz, however I noticed that the frequency at which I receive data from the accelerometer and gyroscope is not the same. That is, the accelerometer seems to be outputing at a higher rate than the gyroscope, even thought from the configuration sets them up to the same ouput data rate of 50Hz. (As an example, in one test after receiven 1074 data samples from the accelerometer, I had only received 792 from the gyroscope)

Even though there is not an really large difference in the output rate, I don't really understand what might be causing this kind of behaviour and I'm searching for any tips in order to find/solve the problem.

Thanks in advance


  • Use the high frequency stream when streaming multiple sensors at 50hz. You should also modify the connection parameters to reduce the max connection interval is 7.5ms.
  • Thanks for the answer Eric.

    That being said, I don't really know how to modify the connection parameters as you suggested. Could you give me some pointers?
  • I figured that you must be talking about this:
    mbl_mw_settings_set_connection_parameters(board, 7.5f, 7.5f, 0, 6000);
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