Android API v3.0

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MetaWear Android API v3.0 has left the beta stage and is now officially released. The core flow of the API remains the same (i.e. library setup, interacting with modules etc.) and will feel very familiar for developers using API v2. The API as a whole, however, has been redesigned to:

  • Accommodate lambda expressions
  • Improve the DSL for constructing data routes
  • Use the Bolts Framework for managing asynchronous tasks

Check out the updated tutorials, API documentationexample apps on GitHub, and source code for the sample app for more details on using API v3.0.


There have been several patches on the v3.0 release to address bugs and improve the API implementation, the latest being v3.0.37.  


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    API v3.0.7 is now available, see first post for change summary.
  • Another patch to v3.0 is released.  See first post for v3.0.11 change summary.
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    v3.0.17 is released, see first post for change summary
  • I just implemented version 3.0.17 and it has been a great help, especially the new way the API does callbacks and asynchronous connections. This makes detecting and dealing with disconnections much easier. Plus, it's now possible to catch the instances where the API itself raises an exception. Thank you so much for this update!
  • v3.0.32 is released, see first post for change summary
  • Do you have a SAMPLE Program to connect to this newly released API v3.0.17?
  • Apps, code, documentation, etc are linked in the first post
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