Shapeways Store for MetaWear CAD enclosures

This is the official public Shapeways shop for MetaWear enclosures:
You can print your own, download CAD files, or have Shapeways 3D print the case you prefer.


  • The download model option seems to only be available on the "cube" enclosure
  • We will fix that right away Kean!
  • Where do I find the wrist strap cad files?
  • All the download options have been fixed.
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    Found out that a new MetaWear C enclosure is added to the Shapeways store last week, that is great news! I was wondring if the enclosure originally supposed for the MetaWear Coin version will be available as well for download. That would be awesome because I'm looking for an enclosure where it's possible to use the push button by pressing on the centre of the case. It looks like you need to press on the side of the enclosure available from Shapeways, it that correct?
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    The enclosure on Shapeways already works for C and CPRO (All Coin/C versions of MetaWear):

    The button is on the side currently.

    Please remember you have to be logged in to Shapeways to downlaod the STL files:
  • Thanks for your comment Laura! How about the rectangle version (with the "MW" logo on it)? Looks like its possible to press the button in the center of the enclosure. Is that correct and will that enclosure be available?
  • The rectangular case will not be available.  It is nothing more than a fancy paperweight.
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