Displaying position in room

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Hei guys,

So I want to use the MetaMotionR to display it's position in room using live data.

I was planing on using the SensorFusion and Visual Studio but so far I couldn't find any good implementation of displaying data in a three dimensional coordinate system for VS so i'm open to new options.

Are there any examples of how to use Sensor Fusion?


  • What do you mean by "displaying data in a three dimensional coordinate system"?

    Example code for using the sensor fusion algorithm is in the documentation:
  • Thank you Eric for the quick reply.

    Showing the position of the sensor in a room displayed in any type of graph (=three dimensional coordinate system).
  • there is no position sensor
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    Well relatively to the starting position. So you start the transmission and you move the board and displayed is the where you move it in relation to the starting position.

    let's assume I get the Data correctly from sensor fusion and now I want to display it. Does anyone have experience with this? Is there a library in QT for example?
  • The only graphing library I know of for Windows is OxyPlot.
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