Led module

Since the installation of 0.8.0 it seems that the Led module is not working anymore.
Tested 2 boards, latest version of IOS MetaWear app (1.2) 


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    Hi Claude,

    Do you know if the Metawear(s) are otherwise working?

    We are aware of some issues with the .8.0 firmware update and are actively working to make it more stable. If you could send me some details of the steps you took to get to this point, it would be appreciated! In particular, were you exercising any of the firmware logging features in the Metawear?

  • Hi Yu,

    Just updated the firmware using the IOS app. I didn't do any logging. The LED module didn't work. I also noticed some erratic temperature values but can not reproduce the problem.

  • Claude,

    We have identified an issue with the LED module and fixed it in an 0.8.3 firmware release. We hope to finish testing and release it by tomorrow. Please look out for an announcement on the forums.

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