Data flow diagram or UML interaction diagram of the Android sample app

really need one, anything would be great!!
Metawear-SampleAndroidApp ---give an overview of the data flow and data processing functions to collect the data – data flow diagram Or UML interaction diagram. accelerometer and gyroscope function is enough ~

many thanks~ 


  • The MetaWear app is not that complex.  It would take more time to build a UML diagram than to just look at the code yourself.

    What specifically about the code is unclear to you?
  • tthanks for the reply

    I was testing the sample APP and found out two problems with it:

    1. There is no sample frequency option
    2. After click the 'save' button, it does not save any data

    Based on that, could you plz help me by fixing the problems with the sample APP code or give me a new code such as MetaBase or MetaHub in android platform. I would really appreciate it!!!

    BTW: I am really just a noob in programming...
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