Sth wrong with Metawear-SampleAndroidApp. Really Need a New Code plz

 I was testing the MetaWear-sampleAndroidApp using my MetaWearC 6-axis board and found out three problems with it:

1. There is no sample frequency option
2. After click the 'save' button, it does not save any data.
3. I cannot understand most piece of the code( also documentation when i tried to write an app on my own) since i'm a rookie in android studio. 

Based on that, could anyone please help me by fixing the problems with the sample APP code or give me a new code such as MetaBase or MetaHub in android platform.  . I would really appreciate it !!! 

thank you !!!


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    1. That is by design.  You can add a frequency selector to the app if you want.
    2. Did any data appear in the real time graph?  If not, then you didn't start the sensors so there isn't any data to save.
    3. Have you gone through the tutorials ( ?

    What kind of app are you trying to create?
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    1. thanks for that. I'll try it 
    2. Of course I start the sensor, and the real time graph appeared to be moving. then i click save button( with or without stopping the sampling ) and two situations happened: 1. the app crashed 2. the csv file was created but containing nothing 0KB.
    3. I have. but i did not really understand some parts of it.

    I am trying to create a Data Collection App to acquire, store and visualize the data (acceleration and angular velocity) obtained from 6-axis IMU of metaWearC.

    it would be great if you can modify the some parts of the sample APP code, which i can study and learn how to do it by myself. i believe it is just a piece of cake for you as you are obviously very smart and good at this. 

    Please & thank you very much
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    • What was the error message from the crash?
    • What parts of the tutorial are unclear to you?

    This tutorial explains how to stream acceleration data to your Android device.  You should have a working app based on this tutorial and update it to stream angular velocity before trying to store and visualize the data.  

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