Downloading data periodically with default firmware while recording data


I'm new to these sensors and am trying to better understand what the default firmware will, and will not, allow.

I would like to program an Android phone to connect to the MetaMotionR sensor 1/minute. I'd like the sensor to be in logging mode collecting raw accelerometer data. Each time the phone connects, I'd like it to grab all the accelerometer data it has not already received. Most of the time it will need to grab only about a minute of data, which I realize might take10s. Some of the time it will grab much more data.

Will the firmware for the device allow this behavior?

A related question is this: when the sensor is transferring data through BLE, does it continue to log data (and to do it reliably)?


  • Yes, you can program an Android app to do what you want and the firmware will continue logging data.  However, given you are retrieving the logs fairly frequently, why not just stream the data instead?
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