Limiting the Output Data Rate (ODR) of Sensor Fusion

Is there a way to limit the number of samples output by the Sensor Fusion module?

It appears to be setting a high ODR for the Accelerometer (possibly to provide adequate data for the filter) but then delivers the fused result at the same rate resulting in far more samples than I need. Is there a command in the API to do this?


  • Use the time processor to reduce the sensor fusion data rate.

    You will need to be using firmware v1.3.3 and you may have to fiddle with the time delta to get the desired data rate i.e. use delta=15ms for 50Hz instead of 20ms.
  • Eric, does the time processor filter the specified signal on board so I keep subscribing to the signal itself, or do I need to subscribe to the header of the processor that is created and returned in the call back?
  • Subscribe to the created processor.
  • Does the time processor in Absolute mode deliver the value of the specified signal at the time the interval occurs OR does it simply slow down the delivery of the samples? I ask, as the behavior I am currently seeing is that if I pick up the sensor and put it back down, the values being returned by the Time processor seem to have to play catch up. If the delay is long (say 1000ms), it can take several seconds before the Time processor reaches a point where the output matches the position of the sensor.
  • The time processor delivers the current value at each interval; the data that lays in-between intervals is discarded.
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