Time out error with board.initialize()

On this app, that I am working on, based out of UWP-Starter, I am seeing a new behavior that the sensor constantly times out giving the error "API initialization timed out.  Try re-pairing the MetaWear or moving it closer to the host device" when the board.initialize() method is called.

I then have to re-pair the device, soft reset through my phone, Default to factory settings through my phone and while away a lot of time in trying to get it working. Am I doing something wrong? Pls guide me. Thanks


  • How exactly have you been using the board before and with this issue?  Be specific and give as many relevant details as possible.
  • So, as I said, it is based off the UWP-Starter app. I tried streaming the values from multiple sensors and it worked out great. Now, I am up to using the signal data from multiple sensors to do some signal processing. But I am doing exactly the same thing for the MainPage of the app and with the same Metaboard wrapper class. But somehow, initializing is a problem now.
  • Also, do both these functions control the same timeout parameter?
    • mbl_mw_metawearboard_set_time_for_response(MblMwMetaWearBoard * board,uint16_t response_time_ms )
    • mbl_mw_settings_set_connection_parameters ( const MblMwMetaWearBoard * board, float min_conn_interval, float max_conn_interval, uint16_t latency, uint16_t timeout )
  • What code are you running?  Were you using the same Windows version before when the code was working?

    No, those are unrelated.  You can try increasing the time for response to 1000ms before initializing the API.
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