UWP Starter Not Working in Latest Windows Version


I recently updated to the latest version of Windows, Version 1703, and the UWP starter can no longer connect to either of my MetaMotion R boards.

There were no issues with connecting before the update, but neither the UWP starter, or the application I built using the UWP Tutorial as a reference will connect.

The behaviour for the starter is after selecting a board, the initialize method returns the ERROR_TIMEOUT status. Then, after 5 to 10 seconds the mbl_mw_connection_notify_char_changed in the notifyHandler method throws an AccessViolationException. Previous to upgrading Windows, my aforementioned application, which just subscribed to the sensor fusion stream and output the received values, would throw the same exception after connecting and functioning correctly for a time at the same method after a random amount of time.

I'm really stuck on this issue, any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated!



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    Increase the time for response to 1000ms (1s).

  • That did the trick, Thanks!

    Is 1000ms the recommended time for response? Or should it be higher if I expect the board to be further away from the computer?
  • No, it depends on the bluetooth connection parameters, which it seems the creator's update increased the default connection interval.
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