Led Light

Environment/Platform:  Samsung S6 -  Android Version 7 (MetawearCPRO)

1. Battery level indicator: the level may not be as consistent :
      a. Our brand new battery (CR2032) only shows 58%,  after we turn off/on the LED lights a few times,  then we turn off and turn back on it only show 28%
      b. when we turned on the Led lights a few times it changed to 26%. 

2. We noticed that your new SDK is now version 3, but we only have version 2 to test with.  We are wondering if you are planning to to share the new version with us.

3.The LED lights: RED, GREEN , BLUE
    We found that six different colors instead of simply 3. 
          Bright (RED, GREEN, BLUE)  - these 3 clors are real bright 
          Dull (RED, GREEN, BLUE) - at a certain sequence of testing of LED, it displayed quite dull colors
          Also, after we pressed(selected) the BLUE color, then when we tried to press the (RED, GREEN) led, they had no effect [unchanged] 


Device Information (MetawearCPRO)

Manufacturer                       MbientLab inc

Model Number                     2

Serial Number                      00C8A1

Firmware Revision               1.2.5

Hardware                              0.3


MAC Address                        D3:49:AE:A7:76:FB


Battery Level                        48



RED ON                  GREEN
ON              BLUE



Testing Sequences:

RED ON (bright)  à GREEN ON(bright)   à BLUE ON (bright)à RED ON   (no

GREEN ON (no change)

Must turn OFF to make it work again

GREEN ON (dim) à RED
ON(dim) à
any buttons not working anymore 


  • #2 was already answered by Eric in another discussion on API.  Thank you
  • Are you sure that was a new battery?  It sounds like you inserted a used battery given that you can't turn on multiple colors simultaneously and that there was a big drop in battery charge after turning on/off the LED.
  • We bought the battery from Best Buy, and inserted it one day before. We tested on the iPhone, and the colors were bright, and the flashing ones worked fine - for iphone there are 6 Led options (red, flashing red, green, flasing green, blue, and flashing blue). For iphone, it worked even at this moment. 
  • Could you shed some lights on the LED light issues.
  • I believe the iOS API always clears the LED prior to writing a new pattern so it's not entirely the same as using the Android app which simply turns the specific colors.  Also, the LED consumes the most power out of all the hardware components so it's not that surprising there is a drop in battery charge after using it, especially on a CR2032.
  • Thank you,

    We also noticed that the battery level "display" also fluctuate back and forth - not gradually goes downward, but also moves upward as well.
  • We did some more testing on the battery level, and found out that it is not consistent and not the norm especially when it changes from "Low level #" to "higher level#". We are wondering if you are experiencing the same. 

    Please advise, as we need to use it to inform the user when to replace the battery...
  • You need to characterize the battery voltage as indicated in the other thread to be able to estimate battery life.

  • Hi Eric,

    We did some testing on the battery level.  We found that the level was 28% a few days ago, and now shows 53%.  
    We are wondering:
    1. If anybody else experienced the same problems
    2. If no, then it may be a problem specifically to our unit only
    3. If yes, we are wondering what is your next steps - any specific API that we can call directly
    4. In any cases, please advise.

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