Logging in Pymetawear

Hello mbientLab,

I love the new pymetawear upload, works very well. The examples that are provided are excellent for streaming data.

Can you post an example of how to log data? I have been streaming just fine; not sure how to get logging on board to work - Thanks!


  • Logging constructs have not be added to the pymetawear api yet.  They will be added but for now, you will instead have to directly call into the C++ library to use the logging features.

    Refer to the Basic Usage section of the README on how to get a reference to the C++ library and follow the example code in the unit tests.
  • Thank you Eric, 

    I very much look forward to the completion of the python API; the latest release easily cut my SLOCs in half while addressing some funky behavior issues that seemed to be related to the hybrid approach (Py/C++).  

    Happy hacking
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