Share your Genius and Win a MetaWear Board!

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Share Your Genius!

You've built it, now get Respect for it! Share your write-up and photos on our community forum and our project hub at to win achievements and Respect points. You'll be the first MetaWear experts on Hackster, teaching a growing audience of hardware hackers.

The platform makes it easy to embed code, schematics, video, images, and other info – and enables us to feature your work online! You can add a license to each project, too. So if you have a work in progress, or past hacks that are gathering dust, share your experiments and your expertise. Because we know you're working on some fascinating gadgets, and we can't wait to see.

Every month, we will choose 3 projects that we liked the most and the hackers will each get a free MetaWear!


The MbientLabs Team

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