Error occur in my meta-wear product

I have meta-wear motion sensor R , when i connect with meta wear Android app and open the accelero and gyro it will display " this sensor is not supported on this board"
please help me to get results of gyro and acc.
Thank you.


  • Hrm, does the magnetometer work?  Try updating the firmware and see if that resolves the issue.
  • Yes i will update the firmware but still its not working. magnetometer is also not working. 
    when i open the in android app it will display " this sensor is not responding on this module"
    what can i do to resolve this problem ?
  • See the last section on the Troubleshooting page about the exchange process.

    It does appear your board is DOA.
  • It is not DOA because it was working before properly . and after some time automatically it is not working . i can do all the possible ways  like soft reset , hard reset , and update the firmware but still its not working .
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    How were you using the board prior to seeing this problem?  Do other sensors on the board work like barometer, led, switch, temperature, and light?

    Contact MbientLab support through the contact form anyways as this could potentially be a serious issue.
  • Yes. LED, light, switch,temperature, and barometer are working. Only gyro and accelerometer is not working, which worked fine for one month.
    I will also write through contact form.
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