MetaBase for windows 10

Hi I am running Metabase app on windows 10,

how can I export data when I completed my log?

I only have an option to share with onenote, which doesnt work

Thank you




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    Install a file sharing app from the Windows app store, such as Dropbox.  Alternatively, CSV files are saved locally in the user's "Downloads" folder so you can manually retrieve them if you don't need to push to another machine.
  • Hi Eric, 

    Thanks unfortunately I am not able to install Dropbox due to work restrictions, but the info about the file being in "\Downloads\MbientLab" is amazing. This works even better for me as I can  point my scripts to data in there directly

    Thank you!
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    @Eric one more question, I found that very frequently the app crashs on me when I am downloading data after accustion, and the sensor stays in logging mode so I can't change its logging settings. 

    Do you have any pointers?

    Thank you
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    • Where in the download does it crash and does it consistently crash in the same place?
    • Can you successfully record and download data using the Android or iOS version?
    • What board are you using?
      • What are the board's firmware and hardware revisions?  
      • You can get that information from the iOS or Android MetaWear app
    • What sensors are you recording and at what sampling frequencies?

    MetaBase caches data in the user's "AppData" folder.  You can find it by searching for one of your board's mac addresses, without the ":" and delete all of the temp files.
  • 1. Yes it was
    2. Yes it worked over the phone, but first, it prompted me to update the FW( this didn't happen on Window 10)
    3. MetabaseCpro
    it was out of date as I upgraded it over the phone
    4. ACC, GYRo 200Hz and MAG @25

    I think it might have been down to firmware version as after update I have managed to get it working! Thank you
  • Everything is consistently working now?
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