metawear javascript SDK issue

 i had installed node js  successfully before , as below picture


the critical issue is that  after i cmd  npm install metawear 

it does not  have  any response . it just shows as below picture 


is there any solution  i can know , thanks .


  • Neither of the images are viewable.  Post them on a site like imgur or copy the console output and post it on pastebin.
  • i have found this solution ,   issue is from our company's proxy issue , it blocks the npm install download  , thanks for your response .
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    during the meatwear testing ,  i write a stress tool to test connect.js (sample code provided from metawear )  (test sensor connected and disconnected issues)

    i repeat it about  50 times , for every time ,  the time interval is about 15 secs 

    i found that   connected sensor times is 4 times 
         disconnected  sensor times is 3 times 
                         no response times is 43 times  =>  i found that the connect.js  utility can't  connect  and disconnect repeatedly

     a lot of times  , sensor is stuck without response , is it right ?
    • How exactly is this stress test tool running the connect.js code?  
    • What OS and Bluetooth stack are you using?  
    • What BT adapter are you using?

    Also, I highly doubt your actual use case will consistent of repeatedly connecting and disconnecting so this test in it of itself is meaningless.  A more meaningful stress test would be to simultaneously stream acclerometer, gyro, and mag data, then repeat the test with a connection to multiple devices.
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