Metawear keeps disconnecting with error: "Metawear in Bootloader mode..."


I am using a MetaMotion R and my device keeps disconnecting. Sometimes this error will pop up and then i'll have to switch to "MetaBoot" mode and update. Has happened several times now. 

Error is : "MetaWear device in bootloader mode. Please update the firmware using prepare ForFirmwareUpdateWithHandler:"

(Firmware is "Up to date")


  • How exactly are you using the board?  What is the code you are running?
  • Eric, 

    It is some custom code that I have written on top of the existing iOS code base (I am logging both accel and gyro data and then saving the same and performing some computation on the accel data). 

    Since I want to use this in production , want to make sure that I am not making any major errors. 

    Should I share my code ?
  • Does the same issue happen if you use the MetaBase app?

    Yes, post your code.
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    Eric, I am working on testing this.. will get back today. 
  • Ok - so looks like the problem is with only one device - which switches to MetaBoot mode after I initiate data logging. 

    Other two devices seem to be working fine. 

    Can I send this device over - maybe you can take a look ? 
  • Hrm, so this issue only occurs when you start logging, streaming is just fine?

    That depends on if the device is within the warranty period.  You can use the contact form to contact MbientLab support directly.
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