Cannot Update Firmware from iOS Application

Application reports battery charge level too low and it will not update firmware.

The Metawear has been charging on a USB3 port on iMac for a few hours and now on direct power for an hour. The device still reads battery level at 0?

Any suggestions appreciated.


  • Hi SgtPepper,

    Did you buy the MetaWear with battery from us or did you buy your own battery and soldered it on? If it's from us, did it ever work or is this a recently developed problem?

  • I bought the Metawear with battery and enclosure from mbientlab. I plugged it in on receiving and it has never been able to update.
  • Do the other functionalities work with or without usb power?
  • edited December 2014
    Yes. Everything else seems to work with and without being plugged into usb.
  • Id like to propose some options for replacement. Check your pm!
  • Battery measures 4.15V at the PCB leads so there must be another loose connection that leads to measuring zero charge level.
  • Thanks for the info.
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