Logging data while downloading?


I want to design a system to get the accelerations to an IoT gateway (Raspberry Pi).

And I am using the LOG mode with my MetaMothionR for 1hour log.

It said that it may take about 20min to download the log from MetaMotion.

So I wonder if the data are logged while I am downloading?

Could you please explain how it works in detail to me?

Thanks very much 


  • You can log and download data simultaneously though if you are continually logging for a long duration, streaming the data may be a better option.
  • Thanks very much. 
    What I am concerned about is that the Bluetooth of the Metamotion. Sometimes, I got disconnected even within a short range. I have more questions:

    1, while downloading, will the new data be logged in a new log file? If that, how can I differentiate the logs.
    2. If the log takes up all the storage, the new data will overwrite the oldest data?

    1. There are no log files.  When you request a log download, the data is delivered as is to the host device.  What you do with the received data is up to you.
    2. By default, the logger will stop recording.  You can enable overwriting if you want.
  • Thanks.

    If I send the download instruction at a specific time (for example 5:00 pm) and the data is still logging, do I just download the data till 5:00pm?

    And after  the download, If I send "remove log" instruction, do the data logged after 5:00pm will be also removed?

    I pretty appreciate your reply. Thanks very much.
  • yes and yes
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