iOS API Update [12/16/2014] v1.4.1

Major new features and bug fixes!

1) ANCS - Apple Notification Center Service, allows MetaWear to access many kinds of notifications that are generated on iOS devices. This module is complete with advanced filtering, so you can quickly get at specific notifications you care about, and since it's based on MBLEvent, all the normal event processing and filtering capabilities work out of the box.

NOTE: you must upgrade to firmware version 0.9.0

Updates and Fixes:
1) Adding API for flashing the LED N number of times

The MetaWear App is available on the Apple App store and an update will be available shortly. We also have a few other Apps waiting for release on the App store including the Fitness Tracker, ANCS, and Temperature Logger App. If you don't want to wait, these are all available on Github (or will be shortly).


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