Reading Battery Voltage and Percentage from the API

Testing a MetaMotionC with three different batteries yielded the following results

Battery 1 Voltage: 3.283v Reading1: 2997 Reading2: 2997 Reading3: 2997
Battery 2 Voltage: 2.840v Reading1: 2680 Reading2: 2774 Reading3: 2777
Battery 3 Voltage: 2.864v Reading1: 2756 Reading2: 2782 Reading3: 2750

Can I assume there is an upper limit of 3000 and that any battery over that voltage reads as 3000. How much error can be expected in the result given that the readings seem to fluctuate for mV readings below 3000. 


  • @MichaelG

    MMC is designed for 3V lithium coin cells, and the battery measurement is setup to only read up to 3V.  State of charge estimation is intended only for this type of battery.

    Coin cell batteries are a high impedance source and will exhibit output voltage fluctuations based on system loading.  This is not an error, it is actual battery voltage fluctuation.
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