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can someone help me understand how to use the logging module? 
I have configured my MetaWear R board to log SensorFusion.quaternion  when the user click the button. The logging is stopped when the user click the button the second time.  This seems to work. The next thing I want to achieve is to download the logged data. I have implemented this using the example in the documentation:

public void downloadLoggedData() {
// download log data and send 100 progress updates during the download
loggingModule.downloadAsync(100, new Logging.LogDownloadUpdateHandler() {
public void receivedUpdate(long nEntriesLeft, long totalEntries) {
Log.i("MainActivity", "Download progress Update = " + nEntriesLeft + "/" + totalEntries);
}).continueWithTask(new Continuation<Void, Task<Void>>() {
public Task<Void> then(Task<Void> task) throws Exception {
Log.i("MainActivity", "Download completed " );
return null;
I see that data is being downloaded since the LogDownloadUpdateHandler outputs the number of entries. However I do not understand how I am going to get a hold of the data? My Subscriber.apply() does not output anything and the task.getResult returns null?

I am new to the Bolts framework so please bear with me.



  • I am able to fetch the data through the subscriber as long as I do not restart the application. Should I save the session to the board in some way after configuring the board to log data when clicking the onboard button?

  • Thanks. This works for persisting the data when doing both streaming and logging data. However when I log data, it seems like my Subscriber is "lost" when I reconnect the board or restart the app. Before a reconnect I see both the Download progress and the data in the console, however after a reconnect I only see the download progress. Any suggestion on what I am doing wrong?

     ***The Subscriber works after restarting the app when I use source.stream instead of source.log***
  • Post the MetaWear code you are currently running.
  • The code:https://pastebin.com/Bgps926n 

    The connection and configuration of the board starts when the user selects a board in the GuI and the following callback is called:
    onBleDeviceSelected(String deviceAddress)
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    I don't see any calls to serialize or deserialize in your code.  Also, a subscriber's environment should be set when you're ready to download the data.

    Modify your code so it follows these flows for setup and download:
    1. Add routes for your sensors
    2. Serialize board state
    3. Start logging
    1. Stop logging
    2. Deserialize board state
    3. Set environment for the subscribers
    4. Start log download
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