Accelero values kept in a +/-2g


I have been using the MetaMotionR with the MetaBase application since some months. Things were working perfectly until recently. Indeed the accelerometer values are kept in a +/-2g range whereas usually they varie within a +/-16g range.

I've already done the MetaDiagnostic and according to the team everything is all right with the board

Where does this mistake come from?
What can we do to repair it?


    • How recent is "recently"?  Did this issue arise after the latest app update?
    • How have you been using the boards prior to encountering this issue?
    • See if performing a firmware update fixes the issue.
  • Before and after the latest app update (we re using firmware 1.4.3)

    Before that we used the 2 board during 2 months and everything was fine. Your diagnostic service says everything is all right.

    Any thought?
    • How were you using the boards?
    • Did you try a firmware update?
  • Yes I tried a firmware upadte (I'm using Firmware 1.3.4). I did the update several time and got the message that the transfer was successful.

    I was running with the boards (hey were on the shoes).They did not suffer any shock. I don't think it's a hardware problem given the answer I got from your diagnosis team - to me it looks like our boards are operating in 2g mode but I don't know how to put them in 16g mode (by using your app):

    "The sensors can operate in 2g/4g/8g/and 16g mode. You tell it what you want using the APIs.

    Your sensor looks like it is working perfectly according to your diagnostic.


  • MetaBase automatically configures the board for 16g range.

    Try to further debug your issue by creating a simple app that sets the accelerometer to all possible ranges and see if the sensor responds accordingly when streaming data.
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