background app getting suspended in iOS

we have written an iOS app that connects and reads from 1 metawear sensor. We are reading data rather slowly at 25 Hz rate just from the accelerometer.  However when the app goes to background (such as when user locks screen) the app gets suspended. This happens after 10-15 mins of the phone screen going idle. We want the app to read the Metawear data for a long period of time. Our goal is to let this run for 6-8 hours at least. The only way to resume the app is the unlock the screen, go to the app and start the app again.

has anyone noticed this issue? I am sure this is something to do with how iOS handles background apps (resources etc) but wondering if developers here have had to deal with any similar issues. 

we are using MetaMotion R latest firmware on iOS 11.1 and latest Xcode. Thanks!


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