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To clarify here to sell an end product, there is additional certification involved (to add FCC id etc)?
Also is the MetaMotion suite of products pre-certified to work in other countries such as in EU or LATAM? I read the EU has different BLE emission standards that are slightly different from FCC.



  • Venkat,

    You need to make sure the FCC ID and CE mark are labelled on your product.

    Please see the datasheet of your product and www.mbientlab.com/documentation for details.
  • thanks. can you please clarify this? If we are using a case for the metawear, are we still required to go through another certification? 
  • No you don't need to re-certify. As I mentioned previously you just need the ID on your product or product label/box.
  • thanks, is the Taiyo Yuden module certified by CE? I only see FCC and IC qualifications
  • If you have IC, then you have CE since IC requirements are higher than CE requirements.
    CE is self marked and self declared.
    You can use our declaration on our website: www.mbientlab.com/documentation
  • thanks. It seems that some of the CE standards have been updated since the last time the module was certified. Can you post the latest CE or IC DoC if its available?
  • Everythign has been updated on our website for you.
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