limit of loggers

Is there a defined limit on the number of loggers that one can use?
I'm setting up the loggers in the boot up macro, perform tear down before, the board is clean (no other macros). I can set up loggers for accelerometer 3 axes, 2 loggers for 2 external I2C sensors, each returning 12 bytes. As soon as I'm trying to add logger for gyroscope axes or another external I2C sensor with 8 bytes of returned data - I'm getting route timeouts for this new logger.

FW: 1.2.5, API 2.8.0, Metawear RG HW version 0.4

Thank you in advance


  • Yes, you are already hitting the limit with the acc + 2x 12-byte I2C sensors; you will have to stream the remaining data.
  • Thanks, Eric. 
    The limit is the amount of data or number of loggers? Does it depend on HW or FW? Would I be able to get more on Metamotion R?
  • Ok, I've reduced the amount of data read from I2C sensors to the minimum of 4 bytes, accelerometer data is 6 bytes packed in 2x4-bytes packets. I was able to add now the gyroscope data (another 2x4 bytes) and another I2C sensor (2x4 bytes) and it looks like it is the maximum I can get: 8 packets by 4 bytes, or 32 bytes for loggers.
    Question still remains, would I be able to get more on Metamotion R with latest FW?
  • No, there is no difference regarding logging between the boards and firmware.
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