Adding Hall Effect Sensor

I am trying to attach the following Hall Effect sensor to the Metawear with no success.
It works fine when I attach it to a Galileo board, however when I attach it to the VCC, GNG and AIN0 ports of the Metawear, the devie will not boot properly or at least it won't pair with my iphone.

I don't need to connect any additional circuitry normally to make it work.

Can you assist?



  • David,

    The supply voltage needed for this part is: 4.5 to 6.0 V operation

    The supply voltage of the MetaWear board is around 3V.

    I recommend you find a 3V tolerant part.

    The Galileo board is a 5V board and that is why it is working.

  • Thank you for your help, Laura.
    I will look in to that.

  • You should look on digikey or findparts; I saw lots of hall effect sensors you could use that were 3V tolerant.
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