Non-MetaCloud connection

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I read on the MetaHub product page the following:
MetaHub can be configured to receive beacon advertisements from BLE beacons or sensor data from MetaSensors and transmitting them over WiFi to the cloud of
your choice (including MetaCloud, our management platform).

I am wondering what is referred to here with "cloud of your choice", because looking at the MetaCloud SDK, it looks to be made for connection to MetaCloud only and I couldn't find an on-premise version of MetaCloud or some sort of cloud API documentation that would allow implementation for our own cloud service for the client to connect to.

Does anyone have any more information on this? Or should I be looking at POSTing the data somewhere and write my own API?


  • If you pick MetaCloud to store your sensor data, use the APIs provided by MbientLab.  If you want to use another cloud service, use their APIs instead.
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