Does RG firmware update cause compatibility problems with older versions of Android Starter app?

I am unable to get RG board sensors purchased December 2017 (and receiving the latest firmware as of this month) to connect to the app our team wrote. The app was based on the Metawear Android Starter app, as downloaded in April 2017, and uses the accelerometer, gyroscope, and attached vibration motor for two sensor packages at a time. The app still functions with sensors bought prior to December, and these sensors have not received the newest firmware update.

For the newly-purchased sensors, I can connect to them in Metabase, stream accelerometer and gyroscope data, and trigger the LEDs. But the Starter-based app is unable to connect to them. Is it possible that this is an incompatibility based on recent firmware updates to the RG sensors? If so, is there any workaround to continue to use these sensors with our Starter-based app written last spring?



  • There is no compatibility issues that I am aware of.

    Can you provide some output from Logcat, your connect code, any errors returned from the connectAsync task, and SDK version.
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