Metahub issue

hello, i am currently working in a project that needs the use of multi-Metamotion R+ ,i used the metahub to collect the data Simultaneously , after adding the metware mac 's adresses i found that to the json file  i found that the hub connect barrely to 5 sensors (among the 9) and failed to reach the other i can fix  it ?


    • How fast are you sampling the sensors?
    • If you want to use that many sensors simultaneously, you will want to add more BT adapters and distribute the sensors across each adapter.
  • 100Hz for sampling , i would know how to distribute sensors to the 2 BT  used (command line to switch each sensor to its BT adapters )
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    The README on the desktop documents MetaBase's command line arguments.  You can control which HCI device is used by setting the NOBLE_REPORT_ALL_HCI_EVENTS env variable.

    For example, to stream acc at 200Hz to hci1 (execute from the ~/Apps/MetaBase folder):
    sudo NOBLE_HCI_DEVICE_ID=1 npm start -- --device D4:5E:82:E1:15:01 --sensor Accelerometer='{"odr" : 200.0}
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    i am facing the same problem and my question is how to stream 2 sensors with two different BT adapter
    with the command line NOBLE_HCI_DEVICE_ID=1 npm start i couldn't add another HCI

  • Run the command multiple times with different NOBLE_HCI_DEVICE_ID values.

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