Lost data packets

Hello There,

I wrote a program on node js that streams data from multiple Metamotion R devices. It seems that there is always lost data packets that are not received by the Bluetooth adapters. I tried splitting the devices to 1, 2, or 3 devices per Bluetooth adapter but the issue still occurs. I even used packed signals for high frequency streaming but that didn't solve the problem.

I use a Raspberry Pi to run the program. Usually, I stream raw data with acceleration at 100Hz, gyrometer at 100Hz, and magnetometer at 20Hz.

Is there a way to get the lost data packets?


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    • Did you configure the ble connection parameters for high frequency streaming?
    • How many data samples are you losing per run and how many samples are you expecting?

    No, the data is lost.  Try logging the data instead if you are unable to stabilize the stream and don't need to stream longer than 40min.
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