How to get Acceleration data and GYRO data in the same time (one iteration/row/structure)?

edited February 2018 in Android
I'm connecting to my "MetaWearC Streaming Sensor" and I'm streaming the Acceleration data and the GYRO data.
I'm doing this in the same way as described in the, just that I need to stream data from both sensors in the real time and to combine them and integrate my own sensor fusion later.

Here is the code for streaming the data:, please search for the phase "//HERE I HAVE ACCESS" and you can see that first I'm accessing to the acceleration values and right after that to the gyro values.

Is there any way how to combine these values to some structure where each row will contains 6 values: x,y,z values from acceleration and x,y,z values from gyro?

Any help will be appreciated. Maybe there is so sample somewhere on the net, but I couldn't find anything related.

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