Continuous Logging Downloads


My goal is to have multiple MetaMotion C boards and an Android app which:

1. connects to each board, starts logging (with overwrite set to true) and starts sensors
2. downloads new events from first board (and process/upload)
3. downloads new events from second board (and process/upload)
4. go to 2 (until the battery dies)

If I understand the API correctly, we can only request that the logger clears ALL events (which actually happens sometime after we call disconnectAsync) and we can only download ALL events.

There's no way to specify only the not-yet-downloaded entries or provide e.g. a timestamp argument for either operation?

I can of course, keep track of the latest timestamp of seen events, download all records each time and filter in-memory, but it seems a bit wasteful to transfer the entire contents of the log each time.

Any other thoughts or workarounds? Apologies if this question has already been asked, search didn't seem to find relevant results.


  • All you need to do is call downloadAsync when you want your logged data. You don't need to do anything else beyond that.
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