Connection Problem Using Python SDK


We are a group of seniors at Georgia Tech working on our Capstone Project. Currently we are using the Mbientlab Metawear C sensor device to collect accelerometer data for our project prototype. The Metawear C device connects to a Raspberry Pi 3 via Bluetooth which we are using to collect accelerometer data. We are using the Metawear Python SDK( to communicate with the MetaWear C, but we are having problems at times connecting and reconnecting to the MetaWear device.

It seems that the MetaWear C device works really well in connecting via Bluetooth with the Android app “MetaBase” that your company provides. Everytime we run the app, the MetaWear C device instantly connects every time.

However, when we connect to the device and start receiving data, our python program keeps returning a runtime exception due to the boot state of the MetaWear device. Are there any ways to get around this problem or is there a known solution for this error?

We have attached below the log of the most common error we have received for further inspection. We have also experience exception error stating something along the lines of double free or corruption (fasttop)

[0] 7B:43:FF:AE:A5:5F ()
[1] 5A:DA:DA:02:0B:F6 ()
[2] D7:34:55:48:54:51 (MetaWear)
[3] 3C:1F:69:2C:FE:71 ()
[4] D0:4F:7E:1E:E0:05 ()
[5] 4E:ED:BC:0F:03:D2 ()
Connecting to D7:34:55:48:54:51...
2018-02-21 12:42:16 Unexpected error:


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    I recommend writing the MetaWear part of your project with the JavaScript SDK instead. The Noble ble library is way better than any of the available Python BLE libraries.

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