Streaming just X and Z values from accelerometer

Hi there,

In the Android API I know it is possible within the configure method to use source.split().index(0).stream(...) to get just the x acceleration data but I would like to know if it is possible to use split() to stream the x and z data without the y value. Would something like source.split().index(0).index(2).stream(...) do the trick? If not is there any way to do this?

In my use case I can do without the y acceleration value but need the timestamp afforded by the accounter. I know I can use a multicast to stream just x and just z to different subscribers but I would need to use the accounter with both and that seems less efficient than combining x and z into 1 packet.

I hope that makes sense!




  • No, xz streaming is not supported.

    You can use the accounter together with accelerometer data as is.

  • Thanks Eric. Yep, I will just do that.

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