Data retrieval

I used 2 MetaMotion R sensors for collecting acceleration (Hz) and gyroscope (100Hz) in short period of time (2-3min) through MetaBase app. When the capturing was completed, I downloaded the captured session, but for some reasons, it was not shared via email. When I wanted to find the data in the download section, there were not any connected sensors. It seems that if I cannot download the data immediately after capturing, it is not possible to retrieve it later. Please see the attached picture from my download section. Is it possible to see the all captured data that is not shared in a queue and download it later? Or continue the data logging and share all together later?


  • The data is stored locally on your device. Use iTunes or a file browsing app to check the device's "documents" directory for any CSV files.

    Only devices that have been setup to log data by MetaBase will show up in the "Download" scan. If your device isn't there, then it is no longer logging.

  • Very helpful. I found my files.

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