Firmware update broken

I'm trying to update the firmware on my MetaWear RG series devices using the instructions here. Instead of downloading the newest firmware, the Task raises an exception with the the following message:

Unable to resolve host "": No address associated with hostname.

I don't think this is an error in my code because I get the same message when attempting to update firmware via the MetaBase Android app. Furthermore, my web browser cannot find the DNS address for An glance over the Android SDK source code supports my evaluation that the Android SDK is querying a nonexistant URL.

Some of my MetaWear RG series devices are stuck in MetaBoot mode and I can't fix them without without the MetaWear firmware. Neither can I update my MetaWear devices with older firmware.

How can I best get a copy of the newest firmware? The announcement for 1.3.7 does not include a link. It's not necessary that the downloadLatestFirmwareAsync method works. If there's somewhere else I can find the firmware then I can install it manually.


  • Problem solved. Thank you for fixing the DNS!

  • Yeah, we are migrating the web server and did not move the "releases" subdomain. Everything is in order now.

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