need some sample apps that work straightaway on Android Studio

I am trying to work on an app to interface with MetaMotion C. I am using Android Studio on MacBook Air with OS Ver 10.13.2, and JAVA.

I am new to Android Studio and unable to straight away use the sample tutorial apps downloaded from GitHub. I am struggling with the errors thrown up.

Can you please give me a sample app project that works on opening and building straightaway?


  • A good first step to getting help is to post the errors you are receiving and what you have tried so far to resolve them.

    Try importing the tutorial project (

  • I just got hold of Metawear Sample App and the description by Christophergs. Looking at it and if I am able to understand and use it, my purpose is done. Right now this sample app has successfully got rebuilt without errors. So I shall pursue it further and come back to you in case I need further clarifications. Thanks Eric.

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