How to use C++ sdk in my visual studio 2017 project

I want to read accelerator data from metamotionR in my vs2017 project, i am new to C++ sdk , so I want to know how to import C++ sdk into my vs.


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    After building the project, include the header files and add a reference to the dll.

  • I build the project and get the dist folder which contains so does that mean I should add the .dill and .lib document to my project ? But what about the other files?

    Also should i add the src folder to my project? the src folder likes this:

    I am new to this, I simply want to read raw from metamotionR and show on my cmd . please give me some detailed instructions.

    Thanks a lot!

  • Well, if you are writing a Win32 console app, I'd suggest using the C# SDK instead.

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