problems with data since win10 app update

Hi Eric,

Since the win10 app update, the data collected in the .csv file seems to be not at the right place : in Euler angles pitch, roll and yaw values are not in the right column when I compare them with a .csv file from an Android device. Only heading values are OK. It is like the coordinate system is not same as before.
I think that it is happening for quaternions too.


  • Yeah, looks like the app has accidentally swapped columns.

  • Ok, and do you know if any app update is planned ?

  • edited May 2018

    The app will be corrected, probably once the next creator's update has been deployed to our machines.

    For now, you can work around the issue by adjusting your parsing code to interpret the Euler angle's csv file as heading, pitch, roll, yaw. Quaternion data is correctly ordered.

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