Unsuccessful in trying to get data onto MetaCloud from iOS MetaBase

I just received my MetaMotionR and wanted to check it out before purchasing more. I'm able to collect data via MetaBase on my iPhone 6s and successfully download the .csv file. I signed up for MetaCloud and I'm unable to share the data from the iOS device to MetaCloud. The android tutorial is unhelpful.

I would really like to use MetaCloud. Any suggestions?


  • Which Android tutorial are you referring to?

    An update to the iOS app was pushed out a few days ago to address MetaCloud syncing; it should be through Apple verification and on the app store soon.

  • OK, that's very helpful.

    The tutorial I've been watching is on your web site. I assumed it was an Android machine because the app didn't look like what's on my iPhone, but I just looked at it again and it's clearly an iPhone. So, I'll wait for the updated iOS app.

    By the way, I'm having difficulty hearing the audio on the online videos. I don't think the speaker had his mic turned on. I can hear when something is dropped, however, so I don't think the problem is on my end.


    Thanks for your response.

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