Splitting sensors among multiple dongles


My question is how do I split the sensors among the three bluetooth devices using the preloaded Metabase app on the Metahub.

I'm logging on 5 sensors and then download it. The issue is that downloading the data off 5 sensors takes a while and I was wondering if it could be sped up by using USB dongles. I've got two USB dongles plugged in (the ones supplied with the hub) and they show up as UP in hciconfig. Despite that, they remain unused when both starting the logging process and downloading the data.



  • Set the NOBLE_HCI_DEVICE_ID env variable to the hci adapter number of the dongle to use, before executing MetaBase. You'll need to either setup separate config files or use the command line options to pair different groups of devices with each dongle.

    For simplicity, you can write a simple wrapper script that will set the env var before calling MetaBase.

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